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Chaplain Leticia Wright

Leticia volunteered as the head chaplain of the Healing Prayer Service Ministry at Houston Methodist Katy West Hospital.  The ministry was available for all faiths.  Leticia also volunteered at the Brenda & John Duncan YMCA.  She prayed with clients usually one day every other week and prayed over prayer requests every week on Sunday's.  She recently began having Sunday services at another local hospital.

Death Notice Chaplains

There are 52 active chaplains, located in five districts of Harris County, who take death notices to inform families of their love ones death for the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office.  In the last four years, our chaplains have made 396 uncompleted attempts and 440 completed notifications, in person.  Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this team.

Chaplain Lisa Krc Langhamer 

Lisa's heart is for seniors.  She volunteers as a chaplain, visiting seniors who live in senior living facilities and might not have living relatives.  She is shown here visiting Mr. Henry.

Chaplain Orlando Mendieta

At the last Coffee with Cops event in Katy, Orlando was asked by Michelle Heins (Area Supervisor for Whataburger) to do the blessing of the new restaurant located on Mason Road.  Orlando is shown here speaking the blessing prayer at the grand opening.

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