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** Please note:  Background checks are conducted.  Applicants may not have anything greater than a Class B Misdeamenor on record."

"What does it mean to me to have the Chaplain program with Harris County?   Having the Chaplain program gives the Deputies on patrol another tool to use while on scenes. People have a tendency to open up to religion, where they might not to a uniformed officer.   I’ve been on scenes where a complainant/witness, or even a suspect, will not say one word to me, but the second they see “CHAPLAIN” written on the back of a person’s polo, they tell everything they know and more. On top of the help Chaplains provide on scene, they help the Deputies, too. They provide guidance and advice to Deputies who are struggling because of personal matters or because of something they witnessed on a scene."  Dep. Christopher Mook

"It is with honor and appreciation I speak about the great team of volunteers that serve the members of the Harris County Sheriff's Office as well as the citizens of Harris County.  Their heart to serve is incredible and their passion to serve is unquenchable.  The Harris County Sheriffs Office is blessed by their service, dedication and commitment to excellence."   Sgt. Don Savell

What does it mean to me to be a Crisis Chaplain with Harris County? So I can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort ( I ) have received from God. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)  When my youngest son died at age 26, I asked God to use me to comfort others who might go through the loss of losing a child.  After Ryan died, I attended a Crisis Chaplaincy program. The greatest healing to my heart is when I tell a parent that their child died; because I have lost a child, I can identify with them.  I also do hospital visits when deputies are injured, I attend funeral services of deputies who were killed in the line of duty, I get phone calls in the early morning hours from deputies requesting that a Chaplain come to the scene of a crime, and the list goes on.  When I am with any of the Harris County Deputies, I feel safe - they have my back; because they know I am one of their Chaplains.  You see, in this family, no one fights alone!  Chaplain Charlotte Cross


"Why do I enjoy being a volunteer chaplain?  I feel that it helps me to fulfill my life’s purpose.    Helping people who have experienced crisis, such as grief or trauma from being notified of the death of a loved one , health problems, such as being in hospitals or hospice, phase of life issues, family conflict and other problems keeps me grounded, and it reminds me that we are all human and we all need comfort and prayer sometimes.  The work that the volunteer chaplains do really matters, and I love the work that we do."   Chaplain Retta Williams

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