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About Us

Mission Statement and Values

Our mission is to unlock the potential of people through training and education to serve their communities as volunteer crisis chaplains. We are transforming minds to touch hearts! We hold steadfast to the values of integrity, compassion, and love for our fellowman through practical acts of kindness.

Why A Chaplain?

A chaplain can serve as a neutral spiritual resource.

A chaplain can help to bring healing to hurting souls by providing spiritual and emotional comfort, especially to those in crisis.  They assist citizens during times of tragedy,such as serious injuries, accidental and natural death, homicides and suicides, and make death notifications.  Chaplains also provide invocations and benedictions at functions.

A chaplain can serve in many environments such as hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement, hospices, educational institutions, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving),prisons, disaster sites, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and motorcycle rallies.

How You Can Help

Crisis Chaplaincy of America  provides basic crisis chaplaincy training to introduce ordinary people to the extraordinary opportunity of volunteer chaplaincy.  Pastors and chaplains are very different!  Pastors provide spiritual care to people inside the walls of a church to those of similar faith while chaplains minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of those in the secular world.

Chaplains are taught to minister to the individual not just by words but also by good deeds - showing the love of God to people in practical, caring ways, regardless of the individual's personal beliefs.  We cannot pick and choose who is hurting around us; we must have tolerance and understanding to help all people!

This course is eligible for TCOLE credit hours.

** Please note:  Background checks are conducted.  Applicants may not have anything greater than a Class B Misdeamenor on record."


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