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Chaplain Don Hawkins (pictured on left) began his appointment as a chaplain under Judge Robert Eckels in 2002.  His vision was to build a volunteer agency of chaplains who could support their community as crisis chaplains.  He has been able to do this under the Harris County Citizen Corps umbrella with the office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management for Harris County (pictured below).  The Houston Chronicle featured the program in July of 2012.  The article can be read here.  Chaplain Hawkins (affectionately known as Don) is licensed to preach and certified by TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) as a Volunteer Chaplain for the state of Texas.  He volunteered in both the Harris County Jail System in Houston, Texas  and Harris County Sheriff’s Department as Staff Chaplain for 18 years and also at the Ellis Unit in Huntsville, Texas for 12 years.  He was chaplain over Death Row for 6 years.

Don has been a director for Harbor Light Ministries and is still active with them when he is not deployed by FEMA.  He is a member of the Community Partnership Council (Chuck Colsen's Innerchange), as well as on the board of Lighthouse Prison Ministries.  Don has worked in disasters with government agencies not only in Texas, but also in Florida, Georgia, W. Virginia, Illinois, New York, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania since being deployed by the Harris County Citizen Corps in 2004 to work for FEMA.  Don went to Sri Lanka with over 60 volunteers as chaplain for Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief for the Tsunami in 2005.

Don’s stand is that
"it’s not the chaplain doing the work but God’s compassion working through the chaplain"!

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