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** Please note:  Background checks are conducted.  Applicants may not have anything greater than a Class B Misdeamenor on record."

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Our Program

Disclaimer:  Crisis Chaplaincy of America does not make any representations regarding the use of training models, or the reliance upon these models, for decision making purposes; and Crisis Chaplaincy of America will not he held liable for any damages, however suffered, flowing from the direct or indirect use of, or reliance upon these training models.

This course is eligible for TCOLE credit hours.

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Crisis Chaplaincy of America provides basic crisis chaplaincy training to introduce ordinary people to the extraordinary opportunity of volunteer chaplaincy.  Pastors and chaplains are very different!  Pastors provide spiritual care to people inside the walls of a church to those of similar faith while chaplains minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of those in the secular world.  Volunteer chaplains are in high demand and can minister to hurting people in numerous places:  hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement, hospices, educational institutions, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), prisons, disaster sites, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and motorcycle rallies.  Chaplains are taught to minister to the individual not just by words but also by good deeds - showing the love of God to people in practical, caring ways, regardless of the individual's personal beliefs.  We cannot pick and choose who is hurting around us; we must have tolerance and understanding to help all people!

Training Curriculum

The training consists of 40 hours of chaplain workshop material along with a 4 hour NCTSN and National Center for PTSD Psychological First Aid training (qualified as a CEU) that provides the foundation for effective practical application to chaplaincy.  Since we are recognized as an a-vocational, non-profit school, this certification will give you the tools necessary to volunteer as a chaplain.  With volunteer experience and further education, you will be able to secure employment should you choose to do so.  Employment chaplaincy requirements are discussed during class and we make every effort [within reason] to support you to go further.

Once your application is received, it is reviewed and a background check if performed.  Upon clearance, you will receive an acceptance letter and an invoice for the registration fees.  Registration fees are transferable or refundable due to schedule conflicts.  Registration payments are made through PayPal.  Any refund will reflect a holding fee percentage charged by PayPal.  This training course includes training material workbooks, certificate, credentialing badge, lunch, and snacks.

Badges are renewable on an annual basis for a nominal fee of $100.  Current credentials afford you an audit of any training class with a registration notification to our organization that you plan to attend an upcoming class.  It helps us plan better - thank you.  Should you choose to purchase a revised manual and stay for lunch, we ask that you pay an additional $45, payable on the day of class.